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Keywords: Construction industry; Delays; Disputes; Project management; Project success; Time management techniques; Time overrun.


Successful people utilize their time judiciously. The challenge of completing construction projects within the estimated time frame is the biggest concern among practitioners.     In this research two aspects have been highlighted, first; the most significant factor of time overrun in construction projects performed by Erbil Municipality during road construction. The second aspect is the time management methods held by the project team.  A random sampling technique was used to administer 126 questionnaires to professionals such as Project managers, Engineers, and contractors working on road construction projects for Erbil municipality.  On the other hand, a case study has been conducted for 70 constructed projects during 2018-2022 for the evaluation of time management techniques in road construction projects by identifying the process of monitoring, software packages that are used for that, the progress of work, and investigating how progress records are kept in Erbil City municipality projects. The results revealed that the most significant factor for time overrun was the economic crisis which led to the failure to pay contractors' dues in a timely manner, followed by the unreasonable time frame for the completion of projects. Used techniques and software packages for time management were identified It is revealed that there is no specific method for managing time. Multiple methods are used depending on the situation.


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