Peer review policy

The Journal of Engineering and Sustainable Development (JEASD) runs a double–blind peer review policy involving three external reviewers. Authors are not asked to suggest potential reviewers. Also, authors are not asked to exclude individuals as peer reviewers.

JEASD does not require a specific structure for review reports, however, a suggested format is:

  • Summary
  • Major issues
  • Minor issues

In case a reviewer believes that will not be eligible to review the submission, it is highly recommended and appreciable to apologize for accepting the invitation. The reviewer report should comprehensively critique the submission and consist of much more than a few brief sentences. Manuscripts under peer review should be strictly confidential. Reviewers must not share manuscripts or discuss their content with anyone outside the peer review process. If a reviewer decides to reject the paper, a few reasons why the submission has been rejected, its major shortcomings, and perhaps a few suggestions concerning published work on the topic.

Information on the peer-review process can be found on the following link: