Aims and Scope


Journal of Engineering and Sustainable Development (JEASD) is an international, open access, peer-reviewed, scholarly publication  aiming at revolutionizing the practice in the engineering industry by promoting cutting-edge and effective research, and presenting the research to researchers and academic students of engineering. Also, JEASD aims at contributing to the advances in the engineering fields and sustainable development.


JEASD publishes original research papers and review papers in various engineering fields. The publication is dedicated to bringing together intellectual and professional scholars, as well as the industry who are engaged in efforts to develop the engineering services in fields of:

Structural Engineering

Geotechnical Engineering

Engineering Management

Materials Engineering

Transportation Engineering

Dam and Water Resources Engineering

Architectural Engineering and Urban Design

Energy and Power System

Electronics, Control, Signals and Systems

Computer and Software Engineering

Communication Engineering

Renewable Energy Systems

Environmental Engineering

General Engineering