Improvement of Air Compressor Cooling with Intercooler Fine Pruning


  • B. Kirubadurai Department of Aeronautical Engineering, Vel Tech Dr. Rangarajan Dr. Sagunthala R&D Institute of Science & Technology, Chennai, India Author
  • R. Jaganraj Department of Aeronautical Engineering, Vel Tech Dr. Rangarajan Dr. Sagunthala R&D Institute of Science & Technology, Chennai, India. Author
  • G. Jegadeeswari Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, AMET Deemed to be University, Chennai, India Author
  • C. Jayabalan Department of Mechanical Engineering, AMET deemed to be University, Chennai, India Author



Air Compressor, Compressor efficiency , Fin Length, Heat enabling factor, Inter Cooler, Reciprocating


An intercooler serves as a heat exchanger between the several stages of the working compressor, assisting in the transmission of thermal energy between fluids of varying temperatures. This article is about the experimental analysis of the effectiveness of an intercooler. Multiple variables oversee the performance evaluation under different circumstances. Standard operational values are used to calculate performance evaluation metrics such as total heat transfer coefficient and others. Heat rejection of intercoolers has been enhanced from 61% to 65% by the variation of different fin lengths. Furthermore, the recently added intercooler's isothermal efficiency, which reached an astounding 56.5% significantly, outperformed the earlier unit. This serves to highlight how well the intercooler design was modified. Furthermore, the effectiveness of the Intercooler was assessed considering the circumstances during operation. The intercooler fin is primarily concerned with the performance of the air compressor. This work analyses the many characteristics of fin length, fin number, and fin diameter. When compared to the existing intercooler, this modified intercooler has a high performance


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