• Zahraa Hayder Ali Civil Engineering Department, College of Engineering, Mustansiriyah University, Baghdad, Iraq Author
  • Nibras N. Abdul-Hameed Civil Engineering Department, College of Engineering, Mustansiriyah University, Baghdad, Iraq Author




Coarse aggregates, Electric arc furnace slag, Fine aggregates, Induction furnace slag, Reinforced concrete, Slag, Stub columns


There are severe ecological imbalances from both carbon emissions and sand mining. Steel slag can be used as an aggregate in concrete to enhance the environment and conserve natural resources because of the impact of depleting resources. The paper's main aim is to investigate the appropriateness of steel slag as an aggregate substitute and determine its impact on the behavior and durability properties of columns subjected to various circumstances and loads. After discussing slag and its properties, its effects on plain concrete were reviewed, followed by its effects on concrete columns. Previous studies indicate that columns made with steel slag aggregate concrete have comparable initial stiffness, strength, and flexibility as regular concrete. For columns with fine steel slag aggregates, the conventional section design approach can be used as an option for the design method. The European standard for stub columns filled with steel slag aggregate concrete under compression is more accurate than the American standard, which is circumspect.


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