• Humam Hussein Department of Computer Engineering, Karabuk University, Karabuk, Turkey Author
  • Ferhat Atasoy Department of Computer Engineering, Karabuk University, Karabuk, Turkey Author
  • Taha Elwi Communication Department, Al-Mamoon Unversity College, Baghdad Author https://orcid.org/0000-0002-8389-5457




5G, sub-6GHz, Origami, MIMO, historical design


Origami antenna technology is initiated recently to resolve different relative issue with visual pollution and antenna embedding inside buildings sights. This technology inspired us to invoke historical sites to shape a novel antenna design-based MIMO (Multi-Input and Multi-Output) technology for 5G systems at sub-6GHz frequency bands. In such a matter, the antenna array is designed to be shaped as Muhammad Al-Fatih Mosque. The proposed antenna array is constructed from 2-elements of a 2D array configuration with a separation distance of λ/10 at 2.45GHz. After conducting several parametric studies using CST Microwave studio, the authors reached to the optimal performance of the proposed design. The proposed antenna array is found to show three frequency bands, of matching S11≤-6dB, 1.7GHz-2.7GHz, 3.1GHz-3.8GHz, and 4.5GHz-5.1GHz with a gain of 5.2dBi, 6.8dBi, and 8.1dBi, respectively. Nevertheless, it is found that the proposed antenna array mutual coupling, S12, is about -20dB over the entire frequency band of interest. Later, the proposed antenna performance is validated using a commercial HFSS software package. Finally, the results from the conducted design methodology are found to agree very well with each other.


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